About The Earth Medicine Jesse offers

Vibrational Essences


 Vibrational essences are not essential oils and thus have no taste or scent. Essences are high vibration solutions imprinted with the blue-print of the flower, gemstone or other natural element in their composition. They are made using sustainable, Earth honoring practices and offer a vibrational model of wellness that allows self-healing and re-balancing to occur.  

Contact Jesse to schedule a consultation; she works with her own essences in addition to the medicine of: Star Riparetti, Isha Lerner, and Cynthia Athina Kemp Scherer.

Nature Oracles


Nature oracles provide personal insights through the exploration of archetypes, seasons, elements, and plant and animal signatures.  Jesse often crafts an herbal talisman or nature essence as the culmination of a reading. 

Contact Jesse to schedule a reading; she works with Herbal Tarot, Wildwood Tarot, Cat People Tarot, Power of Flowers Oracle, Druid Animal Oracle, and the Celtic Ogham.